Ricky Smith

Chair, AMAC Board of Directors;
CEO, Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport

Eboni Wimbush

President & CEO,

It is with great honor and privilege – on behalf of the entire AMAC Board of Directors – to welcome you to the 39th Annual AMAC Airport Business Diversity Conference. Nashville is a vibrant city with rich culture and musical heritage, to celebrate and advance diversity across the airport industry.

In the current climate, with repeated legal and political challenges, we remain focused on our longstanding work to foster inclusion within the airport industry and across society. We know this commitment is both just and a critical long-term business strategy.

The AMAC Airport Business Diversity Conference serves as an important national platform for continuing this work. Over the next few days, aviation industry experts and thought leaders from across the country will come together to explore innovative strategies, engage in insightful dialogue and foster meaningful collaboration. Business leaders, policymakers, and advocates alike will enjoy valuable opportunities in this preeminent forum to work toward diversity and inclusion across our industry.  

On behalf of AMAC and our Board of Directors, we look forward to engaging with you. Your participation will contribute to the richness of the discussions and the overall success of this conference.