Greg Plummer

Greg Plummer is a seasoned Restaurant Manager, Entrepreneur and Community Advocate based in Los Angeles, CA. Greg credits his earliest restaurant memories to his father letting Greg and his twin brother tag along to visit with his friend John at his restaurant Enjoys” back in Detroit, Mi. It was only a small place Greg recalls, but the spirit of the Hospitality industry was huge and left a lasting impression which ultimately drew Greg to the thriving hospitality community as a career!

Greg Plummer first entered the Airport Concessions community at LAX in 2005 joining the management team at then Concessions Management Services, Inc. (CMS) as an Assistant Manager. Ultimately, Greg would become promoted throughout the ranks to Vice President of Development & Operations. Through his role at CMS, Greg lead the rebranding of CMS and was a part of the team that lead CMS to become the first ACDBE Certified Firm to be awarded 3 prime contracts with LAX and grew sales from $8mm in annual Revenue to $52mm in annual revenues. Over the 12 years spent with CMS Hospitality, Greg learned how to effectively navigate the various processes, work collaboratively with both LAWA, Westfield, The city of LA and their multitude of brand partners and vendors. Greg has been deep rooted member of the LAX community and served on the board of LAWA’s WOW Guest Experience initiative and has worked tirelessly to be on the forefront of the transformation that has been taken place at LAX for the last several years.

Gregory Plummer currently serves on the Airport Minority Advisory Council (AMAC) Foundation Board of Directors in addition to serving as a Mentor for the Beverly Hills Links’ Achievers program which focuses on preparing inner city young men for college and adulthood. Greg Plummer is a charter member of the LAX drinking club, an unofficial crew of LAX professionals that gather after work and celebrate and and/or grieve the daily happenings at LAX!

Greg is a proud graduate of Morehouse College and was lucky to marry his college- crush Shayla, whom together-produced a wonderful daughter, Lotus Simone.

In 2016, Greg launched Enjoy Repeat, Inc. a Full Service Hospitality Management, Development and Branding Firm, with the goal of creating concepts and events that are so Enjoyed , that its patrons want to repeat the experiences often! Enjoy Repeat, inc. is an ode to Greg’s first experience standing in the kitchen of “Enjoys” as a child and understanding then that food is not only a necessity of life, but brings people together and bridges cultures!

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