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message from the president

Dear Members and Friends:

In the midst of it all - the current state of our nation, I’d like to take a moment to reflect and recognize those that have paved the way for us.  As we celebrate week two of Black History Month I’m honored to lead an organization dedicated to empowering and improving opportunities for minorities in the aviation industry.

Today I am especially humbled to celebrate the journey of one of our very own members.   As we celebrate Black History Month, AMAC member John Scott, tells of his family dynasty in the construction industry.

The story is nearly 150 years old in the making.  It begins during slavery when Scott’s maternal great-great grandfather, Alexander Adams, was trained and worked as a carpenter for his master.  As a free man after the Civil War, Adams started his own business.

You can read the entire story here

I hope you enjoy his story as much as I did.


Krystal Brumfield

new member spotlight

New AMAC Member Monica Campbell
Soars in her Banking Industry Career

Vice President of Community Development for Enterprise Bank and Trust in St. Louis, MO tells a heart-warming success story that is sheer Americana.

New AMAC member, Monica Campbell  has risen through the ranks of the banking industry  with hard work, energy, determination, buoyed by a sincere love for helping people with their financial concerns.

Campbell began her  banking career as a faceless voice on the phone.  Twenty-one years ago, she started out as a part-time customer service representative at Mercantile Bank’s call center.  Her charisma, liveliness, and enthusiasm was undeniable to the bank’s customers.  “At first, it was just a job for me,” she admits, “but I began to really enjoy my customers.”

She genuinely wanted to help, and those who talked with her felt her unaffectedness earnestness through the phone lines.  Before long, customers were turning up at the call center to meet with her for face-to-face advice.

“I didn’t realize I was doing this all wrong,” Campbell recalls with a smile, “Fortunately, the call center manager realized that I needed to be transferred to the personal banking side.”

From there, she soared. “I discovered a knack for selling bank accounts and savings accounts, which actually was not work for me,” Campbell insists.  “I was getting people to understand that saving money was just common sense.”  She was that rare banker who put her personal cell phone number on her business cards.  “I wanted my customers to be able to reach me at all times,” she says.

In 2008, Campbell earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from Fontanne University and continued in her upward trajectory. She watched bank managers, both good and bad, and learned to incorporate the things that were effective into her own style.  Before long she was promoted to a managerial spot at one of the largest branches in the city.  “That’s when I realized that I could really help my community by fostering and supporting small businesses.” 

One of the most important elements of her work has always been teaching financial literacy to both individual account holders and small business owners.  Campbell would travel to churches, schools and community centers to give educational talks to groups, small and large.  “Too often people with big dreams don’t know how to make it happen,” she notes.  “I wanted to give some guidance.”

When she discovered that Enterprise Bank had, for more than 10 years, been offering this educational assistance for free at their in-house “Enterprise University” she decided that she had found her banking home.  She joined the bank in 2014 as an Assistant Vice President, Business Banking Specialist, and recently was promoted.

In her new role as Vice President at Enterprise, she leads the community development department for the bank as a commerce partner with organizations dedicated to support and advocate for financial growth within the minority community.   There is also a focus on low to moderate income areas for both personal and small business customers.

“When I learned of AMAC’s mission to support contracting opportunities and growth for women and minority-owned businesses in the aviation industry, I knew they were an ideal partner for Enterprise,” she says.   She was easily persuaded by her banking client Roger Spearman, AMAC’s board member and Central Region Manager, to join AMAC and to have the Bank host a luncheon for the organization this spring.

“This is what I am here for,” Campbell asserts.  “This is what I do.”

aviation news

slide085Miami International Airport’s Record-breaking Year, 2017 Airline Roster expansion, and Recipient of Two Prestigious National Awards

“I join our community in being incredibly proud of another record-breaking year at MIA,” said Miami-Dade County Commissioner Rebeca Sosa, Chairperson of the County’s Economic Development and Tourism Committee. “MDAD continues to be one of our community’s strongest economic engines by bolstering tourism and creating local jobs for our residents. I wish the Aviation Department continued success in 2017.”

MIA’s airline roster will expand further in 2017 with the addition of four more carriers, all of which will serve international destinations. Low-cost Mexican carrier Volaris will fly daily to Mexico City and four times a week to Guadalajara, Mexico, beginning on February 1. Following Volaris three days later will be First Air, which will begin weekly charter service to Mount Hope, Ontario in February 4, on behalf of Celebrity Cruises. Low-cost European carrier WOW Air will begin flying to Reykjavík, Iceland three times a week in April, and Aer Lingus will begin three weekly flights to Dublin, Ireland in September. 


uber_elevateUber This Week Announced a New Installment in its Flying Car Initiative

“Uber this week announced a new installment in its flying car initiative. Former NASA advanced aircraft engineer Mark Moore, who worked for the federal agency for 30 years, has joined Uber as director of engineering for aviation.”


Upcoming Events

6726035777_fa35c37342_bAMAC Leadership Summit on Capitol Hill

AMAC’s Leadership Summit is one of the best conferences to voice your opinions to decision makers who can affect real change and to help policymakers understand the challenges and opportunities of operating in the airport environment. Reserve your place for the LEADERSHIP SUMMIT ON CAPITOL HILL!


AdobeStock_66825250Upcoming Training + Info Session - Feb 16, 2017

ExporTech Los Angeles is hosting a training and information session on February 16th at the Entrepreneur Center (Pacoima, CA)

Any firm that is interested in attending this training should contact Elizabeth Glynn at 310.984.0728

You may also contact the Business and Job Resources Center via email at if you have any further questions.

Thank you,
Los Angeles World Airports       
Business and Job Resources Center

A9R1jy8o10_q0xd9c_3joParadies Lagardère, the North American Travel Retail and Restaurateur Leader Treats Passengers to a Free Meal [Feb 12 - Feb 18]

“For a third year in a row, airport passengers visiting our restaurants Sunday, February 12, through Saturday, February 18, may have a chance to feel the love with a meal on us. Paradies Lagardère restaurant staff will randomly choose a table each day and treat them to a free meal! Customers may be asked to pose for a picture while holding a sign of their choice, which will be posted on social media.”


Procurement Open House

Meet with department representatives that can help connect you with business opportunities at the Tampa International Airport.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 + Wednesday. March 18, 2017


Picture22017 Business Diversity Outreach
Event for Construction Contractors

Are you interested in learning more about business opportunities at the Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA)?

RSVP's are required by Thursday, February 23, 2017

This event will take place Monday February 27, 2017


legislative update

The OIC + FAA Guide to Eliminating Barriers for
DBE Firms and ACDBE Certification Process

In this report you’ll learn  about the five key challenges that continue to limit DBE/ACDBE firms’ opportunities to obtain airport work

The OIG’s six strategic recommendations plus FAA’s modifications to recommendations 1, 2, 4, and 5 identified by the FAA.

The 11 recommendations by  the Office of Inspector General to remove DBE/ACDBE certification barriers.  DOCR and FAA weighed in as well, did all three parties agree with the proposed recommendations?

Keep reading to find out …


How do we Ensure that MBEs have fair and equal access to contracting opportunities?

In this data focused report you’ll learn:

  • What factors create barriers and cause disparities in public contracting for MBEs?
  • What information do existing studies provide stakeholders in assisting agencies address observed disparities?
  • What areas warrant further investigation and policy research with respect to contracting disparities experienced by MBEs?

Original news source:


Senate Democrats Release their own version of Infrastructure Blue Print with inclusion of minority-and women-owned businesses as a foundational principle.

“The Senate Democrats’ “Blueprint to Rebuild America’s Infrastructure” would make a historic $1 trillion federal investment to modernize our crumbling infrastructure and create more than 15 million jobs that our economy desperately needs. Our Blueprint will improve the daily lives of millions of American families by creating a 21st century transportation network, rebuilding water systems and schools, making our electric system stronger and our communities more resilient, and much more. Our Blueprint will invest directly in communities because Democrats know that we can’t fix a problem of this magnitude simply by tolling more highways or privatizing water and sewer system that profit on ratepayers.  We will prioritize projects and communities all across the country. We will have robust set-asides for small towns, rural communities, tribal lands, and underserved populations…..”


President Trump Hosts Aviation Executives for Discussion

Strikes Skeptical Tone on Increasing PFC  

“The last thing we have to do is raise the fee.  I understand what you're saying, but $4.50 -- it's a lot when you look at all of the passengers.” —President Donald Trump  

On Thursday of last week, President Trump hosted a small cohort of airline executives and airport directors for a roundtable discussion on the state of the nation’s aviation infrastructure. Over the course of last fall’s presidential election, Trump frequently commented on the need for modernizing the nation’s airports.  He has frequently touted plans to rebuild infrastructure in a program reportedly valued at as much as $1 trillion, but the new Administration has yet to unveil any specifics.   

Here are some highlights from the aviation meeting at the White House. Below you will find the full transcript.

Trump Meets With Airline CEOs, Vows To Fix ‘Out Of Whack’ ATC System

  • US President Donald Trump has promised US airline executives that he will roll back regulations on the industry, ease carriers’ tax burden and upgrade an “obsolete” air traffic control (ATC) system.
  • During a more than hour-long meeting at the White House with airline CEOs and airport directors, Trump lamented what he considers to be the poor state of transportation in the US and signaled significant change. “We’ve got an obsolete plane system. We have obsolete airports. We have obsolete trains. We have bad roads. We’re going to change all of that, folks,” the president told the airline and airport executives in a portion of the meeting that media was allowed to video-record. “You’re going to be so happy with Trump … I want to be able to do things for you.”
  • Trump said that “rolling back burdensome regulations” will be one of the key ways he will help airlines. He also said a “big league” plan to lower corporate taxes, to be announced within 2-3 weeks, will be “phenomenal” for airlines.
  • Meeting attendees included Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian, Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz, Airports Council International-North America president and CEO Kevin Burke and Los Angeles World Airports CEO Deborah Flint.
  • Trump took particular aim at FAA’s ATC modernization program, known as NextGen. “I hear we’re spending billions and billions of dollars and it’s a system that’s totally out of whack,” Trump said in an exchange with Southwest’s Kelly, according to a White House press pool report on a portion of the meeting. Trump said that NextGen is over budget and will not produce a good ATC system when it is finished. “Other than that, it’s fantastic,” he said.
  • Trump said he wants airline passengers to have “the greatest customer service with an absolute minimum of delays and with the greatest convenience, all at the lowest possible cost.”
  • The president said he has a particular interest in air travel and wants to upgrade US aviation infrastructure. “Airports are very important to me,” Trump said. “Travel is very important to me. Our airports used to be the best. Now they’re at the bottom of the rung.”
  • Kelly indicated that topics such as Gulf airlines’ competition with US airlines were not broached. Kelly characterized the meeting as a “very general discussion,” adding, “The focus was solely on regulatory reform, tax reform and infrastructure. The biggest opportunity is to speed up the modernization of the air traffic control system.”
  • Asked if there would be future meetings between Trump and airline executives, Kelly said, “I would be surprised if we’re not back here in 90 days.”

Trump Slams 'Out Of Whack' FAA In Meeting With Airlines

  • President Donald Trump slammed the Federal Aviation Administration on Thursday and suggested its multibillion-dollar air traffic upgrade is "totally out of whack" — remarks that come amid a debate in Congress on whether to split up the agency and give airlines a role in running the system.
  • He also suggested that a pilot should be put in charge of the FAA, in an apparent dig at Administrator Michael Huerta — adding that "I have a pilot who's a real expert.”
  • Trump used a meeting in the White House with airline and airport executive to ding FAA's multibillion-dollar NextGen program, which has been plagued with cost overruns and delays, and asked executives from United Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines why they had let the government pour money into a faulty system. Southwest’s representative told him the airlines don't control those decisions.
  • "I hear we're spending billions and billions of dollars," said Trump, who owns his own fleet of airplanes and spent years waging a legal battle against noisy jets flying over his mansion in Palm Beach, Fla. "It's a system that's totally out of whack."
  • Trump's remarks indicate an interest in airlines' plea to spin off air traffic control operations from FAA, running them instead through a nonprofit corporation whose board would include airline representatives.
  • All major domestic carriers except Delta back that proposal, which is being championed in Congress by House Transportation Chairman Bill Shuster (R-Pa.). But Trump and new Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao have not said whether they favor the FAA breakup, which ran into resistance in the Senate during the Obama administration.

Full Remarks Click Here

membership corner

Scott-Adams Family Story of Strength and Survival
is a Showcase for Black History Month

With a strong work ethic and a love for building ingrained and honed over generations, the Scott-Adams family epitomizes the strength, survival and success of African Americans. This month, as we celebrate African American History Month, AMAC member John Scott, partner in Detroit-based Scott Construction and Mechanical, LLC, (SCM), tells of his family dynasty in the construction industry.

The story is nearly 150 years old.  It begins during slavery when Scott’s maternal great-great grandfather, Alexander Adams, was trained and worked as a carpenter for his master.  As a free man after the Civil War, Adams started his own business.

Scott proudly displays a weathered business ledger from the year 1900 meticulously kept by his ancestor.   He notes that, among many other projects, Adams built the Union Baptist Church which still stands in Brookhaven, MS.  “You can see drawings in the ledger that indicate he was the architect of the original structure and he kept careful records of the materials he purchased to build it,” says Scott.

Along with the inherited commitment to the construction industry, Scott notes, he was the beneficiary of an upbringing with a family tradition of hard work.  “When I was 10 years old my father, who was an iron worker, taught me welding,” he says.

He also recalls, with a smile, that as he grew older, his sartorial tastes ran to clothing that was popularized by singing groups like the Temptations.  His father balked at purchasing the flashy outfits.  “He told me that if I wanted to dress like that, I’d have to contribute 50 percent of my wardrobe costs.  I worked scraping out garages and handling a paper route in order to be stylish.”

Today, SCM Energy Group, a division of Scott’s 40 year old construction firm, focuses on energy saving elements which can significantly reduce the cost of lighting, heating and air conditioning for his clients.  He notes that the company’s mission as energy management consultants is “to save our customers money while increasing the value of their assets.”

Scott and his Atlanta-based partner, Michael Holt, are now pursuing airport industry business.

“Airports are looking for ways to save costs while still providing quality materials in their structures,” he says.  “We can help.  A major expense for these huge buildings is in 24-hour lighting and climate control.  We can provide and install LED lighting – which can reduce costs by 60 to 70 percent -- and destratification fans that help cut back on heating and cooling costs.  We also offer runway lighting systems and fluorescent bulb disposal.”

His membership in AMAC puts him in contact with airport decision makers throughout the country, he says.  “Working with (AMAC President) Krystal Brumfield has helped significantly to increase our footprint in the aviation industry.”

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