‘The 21st Century New Generation Smart Runway System’ Oscar Lewis Inventor

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A phenomenal aviation invention comes on the heels of the 100th celebration of the Wright Brothers. While we North Carolinian’s have placed the biggest claim on Wright, besting that, we clearly have a great inventor in Oscar Lewis. His patent 8,352,103 is an awesome accomplishment.

I sat down with Oscar Lewis over dinner to discuss his new United States Patent. I’ve known Oscar through a good friend for many years and on each greeting was met with a big friendly smile and a moment of his time. Oscar is a great guy! Now, I know Oscar Lewis as an inventor. For all the techies out there and for Marketplace Tech Report you need to learn about him. While I have some technical background, I was not prepared for the amazing ‘landmark’ invention that was described to me that I read in his press release, or even after reviewing his actual patent (US 8,352,103) issued January 8, 2013. Simply stated in a web search: Jan. 15 — Oscar Lewis, Cary, N.C., has developed a patent (8,352,103) for a “method and apparatus for providing a runway landing system.”

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