The Aviation Professional Development Committee is responsible for developing and implementing AMAC's efforts to promote employment diversity in the airport industry--at all levels of airport management and operations. In accomplishing its tasks, this Committee is responsible for the Council's outreach efforts to college students and others, planning, developing and implementing programs aimed at enhancing opportunities for professional development in the industry, and working closely with other trade associations on training and other developmental needs.

AMAC has launched the AMAC Training Institute (ATI) a comprehensive platform created to provide custom training for membership through a host of interactive sources including: webinars, online classes, workshops and presentations. The ATI integrates existing, previous, and current AMAC training efforts into a single platform offering a suite of educational and career development resources for membership.

The Professional Development Committee has two key roles in the ATI:

Role 1: Assisting the Regional Chair in identifying courses, content and training for AMAC events including (but not limited to):

  • Annual Business Diversity Conference
  • Economic Opportunities & Policy Forum
  • Industry Day
  • Regional Forum

Role 2: Review Online Trainings for

  • Content
  • Synergy with the AMAC Mission & Vision
  • Presenters Expertise
  • Identifying potential trainings

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