AMAC Mission

The mission of the Airport Minority Advisory Council is to promote the inclusion of minorities and women in employment and contracting opportunities throughout the aviation industry.

Our Purpose

Promote: AMAC provides centralized current and archived information, online registration for membership and events, and regional contact information for ongoing topical issues of concern impacting members.

  • To promote diversity in the airport industry, particularly the inclusion and participation of minority, women and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (“DBEs”) in airport procurement and concession contracts, by participating in the development of laws, rules, policies and procedures with respect to the airport industry.
  • To promote diversity in the airport industry, particularly the employment of minorities and women at all levels of airport management and operations, and to support related industry policies and procedures.
  • To provide a forum for discussion and action by the membership and to adopt policies which may be carried out by AMAC members to enhance diversity in the airport industry.
  • To advise and give consultation to aviation, Federal, State and Local officials responsible for business and employment matters.

AMAC History

"After the AMAC Board of Directors formally established the Airport Minority Advisory Council Educational & Scholarship Program, Inc. (AMACESP) in October 1997, AMACESP and FAA continued the tradition of joint sponsorship of the Annual Airport Business Diversity Conference. The Metropolitan Washington AirportsAuthority supported the 1998 Conference, followed by the Houston, Orlando, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, and Indianapolis International Airports in 1999 through 2008, respectively.

The Annual Airport Business Diversity Conference continues to bring together businesses, aviation professionals, government officials and individuals from around the country to discuss a variety of subjects ranging from how to do business at airports to public policy issues impacting the entire aviation industry. And with the added bonus of nationally known celebrities and commentators, to renowned authors, to Secretaries of Transportation, and just plain folks telling their stories of challenge and success at airports, this event continues to enjoy its status as the third largest aviation conference in the coterminous United States.

Yes, it has been an incredible journey. AMAC has emerged from its humble beginning in Miami in 1984 to a heritage of success and growth preparing today to celebrate thirty- 30 years of public advocacy."

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